Seagull 1963 hand winding chronograph.

Been after one of these for some time and finally landed one this week.

I love these and the movement is SO pretty.

#seagull1963 #seagull #chinesewatches

More pictures to follow. 馃槈

It looks very nice. I almost wanted to buy one as well, but then didn't (and I am glad, bc there are already too many watches around 馃槈 )

Enjoy the watch!

They're completely unique and great fun! There's nothing else remotely like them on the market in the same segment, either watch or movement. Enjoy!

It's one of the cheapest watches in my collection yet I find myself wearing it more than my muhles, and tag. It's a great watch, at least for now. We will see how long it lasts as it's not worth the money to get serviced. I actually just ordered two other seagull watches. It's just a fun brand to play around in

Take a picture of the movement too鈥ust don鈥檛 look too closely 馃槀

I love mine! It gets WAY more wrist time than I anticipated and gets lots of compliments. I didn鈥檛 like the nato so put it on the supplied leather strap and it looks casual/dressy so I wear it to work often. Pro tip on the cheap leather strap鈥 give it a generous mink oil bath or two. Darkens and softens the leather significantly!