The Core Collection

"The Mainstays"

Since I started seriously collecting in November I have acquired many watches. Some purely because I want to wear them. Some because I like the history or story they carry. Some because I got a little too deep in my cups one night and bought something I never was really inclined to want in the first place. Not all of them are worthy to post here. But, to quote the late, great Randy Savage: "The Cream..... Always Rises..... To the TOP!".

Of all of the watches I've acquired (and kept), these are the ones that show up every morning already warmed up and ready to play ball. The others know they will just sit on the sidelines in case a first string player gets hurt or the team is so far ahead we can afford to have a bit of fun.

What are your "First Draft" picks from your roster? Do you play favorites? Or is your team so effective you only need the big players?


Wow! Amazing

Solid squad there. Most of my watches just sit in the stands watching the action. There's only like 5-6 that get "called up" consistently.