First Seiko Mod/ Custom Logo Search

Just thought I'd share a custom Sekio I've slowly been putting together to give to my best friend and hetero-lifemate as a token of our brotherhood. It's not really anything special and is mostly frankensteined from a couple non-working watches I recieved in ebay lots, but it has been a great learning experience in the organization and focus that comes with working with such small parts.

I was torn about if the steel case/rose gold hands and indices would clash but I'm warming up to it as I figure out what to finish it with. I may put a rose gold winding rotor in just for fun, and am currently looking around for a good vendor for custom applied lettering so I can put an inside joke where the Logo and Automatic demarcation usually would be.

Does anyone have experiance applying their own logos or writing on dials? Or has leads on where to look for custom logos/lettering? I found a couple sheets offered on ebay but they are all generic font and almost 50 bucks a sheet per size, which would bring the cost of this economic build a but higher than I'd like. Also feel free to show off your first/favorite mods you've done in the comments, I'm always looking for new ideas to explore as I get deeper into this hobby.


You can order applied custom emblems from Ali. The Cricut system can cut a template to spray paint a painted logo. The other system is a Stamp system where you order a metal plate with an etched logo to apply on the dial just like the fingernail stamping women do.

I was thinking about it earlier, but I think the RO鈥檚 bezel would look a lot better if octagonal bezel used straight lines instead of the slightly overpolished curves it has