Dial question

Ok WCers, can someone explain what the indicator there in between 7-9 is and what it is supposed to tell me?

I am keenly interested in a few of these solar watches, this one in particular is the OCW T150-2AJF. I am also interested in the T200s-2AJF Ice Blue dial.


It shows whether the watch has received the time signal last time it checked, y is yes n for no, I believe. Probably have to press the button to get the watch to show this using the second hand. Not too sure for the w-r bit !

I do not own this watch (yet).

It is to do with the atomic clock signal but can't remember what the w and r mean. I couldn't even figure out how to set the time without linking it to my phone.


This is what I found:

When receiving radio waves, the second hand moves to 鈥淩鈥 (READY) or 鈥淲鈥 (WORK), indicating the current reception status.

R (READY) Reception is unstable

W (WORK) Reception is stable

Excellent, thanks!