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Anti Israel-terrorist, pro Palestine thinker.
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Workman's watch a derogatory therm for a Rolex tool watch?

Just as Rolex itself does I described the Rolex sub as a (very good) workman's watch. So for the workers that need an absolutely almost perfect dive watch. That got me a "you're not living in reality"...
28 votes ยท

What's your answer when that unanswerable question comes up:

We see questions like this come up here more than a few times a day. It's the question nobody has an answer for and maybe shouldn't be thrown into the group. "I have 200 choices, which watch should I...
42 votes ยท

Straps please.

I'm making a watermelon (dial) watch and need a watch strap (22mm) with the colours of the Palestinian flag that's NOT (like the picture) for an Apple...

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commented on PLCozziTinin's WRUW ยท

Don't be sad. I'm not from the US so those two names do not mean so much to me. I got the watch from an uncle who had the decency to drop dead without children so I was "next in line". It was my first meet and greet with the brand. Years later I bought one myself on the vintage market. I'll show it in a few days here.

commented on PLCozziTinin's WRUW ยท

I hate Jerry Seinfield too.

commented on Maluvach's WRUW ยท

Wow!! Ikepod. That brings back a lot of memories.

commented on Can a bad name sink a watch? ยท

Do you like the looks of it? That's the only thing that counts. If the name holds you back you're simply not ready for it.

commented on Comparing my latest Boutique experiences ยท

Just try another AD next time. They're not all the same.

Grey market can be useful but paying more for a Rolex than retail will not be necessary anymore. That market is shrinking faster than one can blink.

commented on Cartier Rontonde de Cartier ยท

You smoke those orchids?

commented on Comparing my latest Boutique experiences ยท

What a bummer that personnel of an AD can so thoroughly crash your interest in such a nice watch brand. I'm no fanboy but I can assure you those people do not represent the quality of the Rolex brand.

Furthermore .... go for Sinn.

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I'm not a digital wizz so please help me. Is there a way to get the home page always show the latest post and not the "Top" ones. I rather like to see...