Sometimes I Get It Wrong

I love my Flightmaster, but I was bored with the green/yellow MN band (that and it comes loose and everyone else in the world has the same pairing):


So I ordered a 21mm sailcloth strap from Zuludiver. They have a choice or grey or beige stitching. The beige looked really a little too beige in their photos and their grey looked a little silver in their photos. So I ordered the grey, thinking the silver tones would look good with this very modern watch.

(I wish they had an actual white or yellow, but they don’t).

It arrived, and the grey stitching looked very blue. I didn’t care for it at all with the watch:


So I grumbled and gnashed my teeth for a bit over wasting $75. Other than the stitching color, the strap was fantastic. It didn’t feel right to me trying to return it when it was a poor cosmetic choice on my part.

Then I did the sensible thing - a few minutes of careful work with an ultra-fine Sharpie and a steady hand turned it into an Artem:


Problem solved. Love it.


Sometimes you get it right, too. Nice cosmetic surgery.