My Wife’s Watch

My wife and I had to wait two years for our honeymoon due to Covid. So I tried to make it a good one - Paris and Vienna.

On our first night at a little bistro in the Marais I brought out this little Welcome to Europe gift I had snuck in my luggage (after ordering it from a shop in the Netherlands).

My wife teaches graphic design with a focus on Bauhaus and typography. As in she’s doing a research project on the Bauhaus. And won’t go to restaurants that use Papyrus on their signs or menus. ;)

So this Mondaine Helvetica went over well. I’m pretty sure the profiteroles helped too, but I got the credit. She loved it. Score!

Since then it has picked up this little mark towards the center. I can’t tell if she managed to put a tiny crack in the sapphire(!) or if it’s a fleck of something under the glass. I have a watch maker friend I’ll be taking it to soon.

Other than that, it’s kept perfect time and she loves it.

Not sure why Mondaine gets so little love in the US. I kind of want a Stop2Go myself. Or maybe just a wall clock…

Sadly, it’s way too small for me to borrow - the strap won’t even fit around my wrist.



So clean! Totally with you on the Stop2Go. I think I'm declaring that the Grail Wall Clock for my office.