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Sugess vs. Breguet: Style and Confidence on Any Budget

"Hey there! Today, we're diving into the world of lookalike watches, using Sugess Slim Master and Breguet Classique as examples. Breguet's a classic l...

"Customized sterile watch with Seiko GMT movement and Seiko-styled design. 馃槉

Hey folks, I recently bought a GMT watch and had my own logos added to it. The process was awesome, and the watch turned out beautiful with its blue a...

Do they look too similar?

"Hey everyone! I've been checking out this Sugess chronograph with a white dial, and I can't help but notice that it shares design elements with both...

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commented on Baltany

I got the automatic with the Miyota movement.

commented on Sugess vs. Breguet: Style and Confidence on Any Budget

"Yeah, bro. I did post this about an hour ago, but then I was editing it and accidentally deleted it. So, I decided to reupload it with some improvements. My bad for any confusion, mate!"

commented on Spend it now VS Discipline

"Hey there! Your post really struck a chord with me because I've been in the same boat. I can't tell you how many times I've found myself hovering over the 'purchase' button, struggling to resist the urge to buy yet another watch. Just last night, I caved and bought my umpteenth watch in the past two years. 馃槵 I'm starting to think I might have a bit of a watch addiction. Can you imagine if there were actually a rehab center for people like us? 馃槄 But seriously, I can see how it's easy to get drawn into this kind of thing, even when we know it's not healthy. So, here I am, publicly declaring that I've bought my last watch (fingers crossed 馃). I'm determined to break this cycle and find a healthier balance. Wish me luck, everyone, and if anyone has any tips for curbing a watch-buying addiction, I'm all ears!"

commented on UnholiestJedi's WRUW

Bloody gorgeous looking watch you have there brother 馃槏

commented on "Customized sterile watch with Seiko GMT movement and Seiko-styled design. 馃槉


This is where I came up with my logo

commented on What鈥檚 your brand?

"Hey there! I can relate to not having repeating brands. My first four watch purchases were all from the same brand. I thought I'd be a Tag Heuer fanboy forever! But since then, I've branched out with different brands, styles, and unique pieces. It doesn't matter if you have different brands or the same鈥攊t's about horology and how the watch makes you feel when wearing it."

commented on Merkur

I've got my eye on this watch I've heard only one negative review about it and they say the lugs are a little too long so there's a noticeable amount of Gap from the case and the strap


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Hey everyone! 馃暟锔 I recently came across this gorgeous chronograph from Merkur Watches and I'm absolutely smitten! 馃挅 I don't know too much about the b...

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OBLVLO Big Jorke Automatic

The OBLVLO Big Jorke watch, although not an entirely original concept, manages to distinguish itself with its unique design. While heavily influenced...


"Baltany, a microbrand in the world of horology, is dedicated to reviving the charm of vintage timepieces with a modern twist. While their designs are...