Picked up my new Solargraph in Battersea Power Station

My growing collection of luxury quartz has a new member in the Tag Heuer Solargraph. I went for the titanium one.


What a beauty! Congratulations.


Looks amazing, I've been considering picking up one myself.

My fear is, I'd wear it every day and the rest of my collection would be redundant lol


I've never really considered Tag before, but this one really speaks to me. Congrats! Quite a stunner!


Whew! This is an amazing watch! Hits all the hot buttons for me = solar, Titanium & classic Tag Heuer styling


Congrats on the great watch, hoping to visit Battersea power station when I visit London in march


So I’ve had it on all day. Something of a mini review:

  • incredibly light. To me that’s a pro - it’s like it’s hardly there. 40mm is a big case size for me - but the low weight and the large bezel makes it work I think (the dial doesn’t look too roomy.)

  • Love the sandblasted titanium look and the overall shape and design of the case and bracelet. It’s a sexy bracelet in an oris pro pilot x way.

  • Wonderful bezel action and alignment

  • Took it for a jog using the bezel to time. All worked well.

  • With the screw down crown and robust feel I am happy to really use and abuse this.

  • The little dive extension is such a small amount it’s actually useful - for me it’s the difference between a snug fit and loose wear.

  • Two negatives. One is the obvious matter of price. It’s mad that is costs a little more than my Grand Seiko SBGX261. Whilst it trumps the GS on bracelet, bezel and solar function - and has its own unique attitude - the movement, dial and case finishing are not compatible. If you want a luxury quartz - get the GS every day of the week. If you want rugged Solar quartz, like the look and can stomach the price - it might be an option. (I should also say the cartier tank solarbeat is also objectively better than the tag - iconic design, wonderful dial.)

  • My jog was in the dark. The lume held up well - but would have been great to have some lume on the bezel - even just a pip at 12.