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How frequently do you change watches over the course of a day?

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Anordain Model 3 dilemma

My latest watch dilemma just came in my inbox this morning, as I now have an opportunity to reserve a build slot with Anordain for some time in 2023....
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WRUW Gallery View Suggestion

Ok, I'm going to be that guy who's only been a member of the Crunch for a few weeks and am already offering up an unsolicited suggestion for @Max ...a...
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chronoslice commented on The Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holiday thread - Send in your Christmas greeting to WatchCrunch ·

Merry Christmas watch fam! Hope to actually meet some of you in person in the new year…stay Crunchy! 🥂

chronoslice commented on SOTC Best of the Best...So Far ·

Wait, someone finally chose me to be on their team…yesssss!! Honored to be on this watch journey with you my friend (and the rest of the motley crew)!

chronoslice commented on Seiko Speedtimer on Straps… ·

The grey/black combo is 👨‍🍳😘

the white on white works but sort of draws my attention away from the watch face…maybe a white/light grey strap with more texture like a Nick Mankey hook strap for a similar look?

chronoslice commented on I think I have an addiction 😕 lol ·

Nice! I’m actually looking for one myself right now

chronoslice commented on I think I have an addiction 😕 lol ·

What? He obviously needs another watch box!

chronoslice commented on Ideal Collection Size ·

I want to be a “small but intentional collector” but I’m already up to a dozen and can’t seem to bring myself to actually sell any to consolidate! I have a few candidates on the chopping block…maybe I’ll make it my 2023 resolution 😂

chronoslice commented on New Baltic: You were right. ·

You just got three new watches, what’s another 3? Cut down on the mental anguish of having to decide 😂

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Franken-watch Influences?

Ok, I low-key love this release from Alpina. And I’m sure after one look, everyone will say it’s a mashup of an AP Royal Oak and Nautilus. I can see t...

HANDS-ON: Test your limits with the new Alpina Alpiner Extreme Automatic
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