Watches are actually useful

Hey weirdos!

I often hear, and even say "watches are not a necessity". You hear that from within our community (including our favorite podcasts), and from average Joes/Janes.

This is not really a hot take, I know, but our beloved watches actually remain really useful tools, still in 2022. Let me give you some concrete scenarios:

  1. You're on the beach, with your cold Mojito, sunscreen all over your hands, and want to know if it's time for another drink, or time for lunch, or time to dip in the ocean. You need a watch.
  2. You're in a meeting, someone is talking and talking, and you need to run to another meeting. You can't take your phone out, since it's too obvious and disrespectful. You need a watch.
  3. You're at the movies, and want to have an idea of when it will end. Don't be that guy/girl who bothers everybody with their phone. You need a watch.

I could go on an on, but bottom line is, watches are still super useful, and I will continue telling myself that to justify buying more of them. Please don't change my mind. 

Have a great weekend everyone! :) 


4. You're at home, your toddlers hate when you're on your phone, and you're wondering how many more minutes before its their nap time.... You need a watch!


I use my watches for their alarm, count timers and chronos regularly. In the last few months as a new father its been indispensable


5. You're in college, your teacher is going on and on, you can't get out your phone because it's too disrespectful, you need a watch!


6. I need to tell the time like a normal human being.