Seiko "Mini Tuna" on my slim 6,25 inch wrist! + Arnie..?

I finally bought my first Seiko dive watch! It's the Street series tuna, SRPF81, with a bit smaller dimensions compared to the regular Tuna. It's 43 mm in diameter (edges of the shroud) and 44 mm lug-to-lug. I always thought even this was too big for my wrists, but then I tried it on at my local watch shop and wow, it was perfect! Sure, it's a bigger watch but it's supposed to and do not at all look and feel too big. And another thing. I got to try on the monster-of-a-watch Arnie. And even that works!!! Big yes - but works! I'm so happy! 

So all small-wristed out there - don't give up on any watch until you try it on your wrist first! And remember to look at the watch on your wrist on a big mirror. Only then will you be able to see how it actually looks on you. The perspective of looking straight at your wrist might be misleading.

Very true, i guess the lug design plays a big part. Especially with the Tuna series the lugs are very short hence a good fit in the wrist. 馃挭

The dimensions look perfect on you. Great buy.聽

Many people think Seiko Tuna wears large on the wrist because of the case diameter. But in reality, the lug to lug is essentially the same length as the case diameter (+/-1mm). And Seiko curves the lug slightly so it wears nicely and comfortably on the wrist. Also, they are quite thin for a dive watch and slides nicely under the cuff. Great pickup.聽

I've found that lug to lug is a good determining factor for my wrist than diameter. That watch looks great on you!