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gustafsk ·

New 38mm SKX replacement is coming

Who else is hyped for the new Seiko five diver? It will be 38mm and looks simular to the current 42,5mm SRPD55K1. The release is estimated to be in th...
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Thedudez ·

The Speedmaster 3861 looks HUGE on my 6.75 inch / 17 cm wrist

Is it me or the new Speedmaster looks humongous on my 17 cm wrist??? I do usually wear 36 to 39mm watches, and for that reason, I bought the Reduced a...
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DariusII ·

Do You Let Your Wrist Size Dictate Your Choice of Watch?

Like people and beasts, watches come in diverse sizes; and so do wrists. For me, I like to wear the gamut of watches on my 7 1/4” wrist. After all, personal expression is a fragile freedom we should n...
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Thusidie ·

Looking to buy a dress watch but have a small wrist and a small budget. Any recommendations?

Hi, I'm just getting into watches and I want to get a more formal watch. The thing is my wrist is only 5.8in circumference. For reference I currently...
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smallwristed ·

3 New Watches in the Last 2 Weeks

After buying a grail of mine, the 36mm two-tone Rolex Explorer, I took a hiatus from buying any new watches. Recently I have really been into the micr...
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A0860000 ·

Best Vintage Inspired Diver for 6.5'' Wrist

Hey all!, New to the community and excited to be a part of it! I'm on the hunt for a solid, vintage inspired diver for a 6.5'' wrist that's at or belo...
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henrique.alecio ·

My current everyday wrist choice

That's my chrono Timex
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brybry22 ·

How does the Tissot PRX fit me?

Hey guys! May i know what are your opinions on the Tissot PRX on my wrist? Are they a bit too big for me? Update: bought the 35mm version! Looks spect...
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Pallet_Fork ·

The World's Smallest Citizen Watch! Well, the Smallest I've Seen...

Yeah, that's my index/pointer fingernail next to this tiny watch that my wife's father gave to her in 1990 for her high school graduation. She has tin...
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What2Watch ·

Watch discussion: What watch would you like to see a smaller version of

As a small wristed fellow there is a clear limit to how big I can go when it comes to watches, my sweet spot is around 38-39mm with a max L2L of 46mm....
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