Looking for help! Suprematist watches and similar

Hi everybody!

Finally my girlfriend has shown some interest in watches, as she needs one at work to tell time without using the phone

She is very much into art, as she also recently completed her studies

Searching around i've found the Luch-Unovis watch


And this black version is the last remaining at poljot.de

She liked very much this design! But usually i want to find various options before buying something.

So here i am, as i have zero idea where to go to find similar watches, ideally within the 150€ range (Quartz is perfectly fine!)

Swatches were an idea, as they usually come up with similar stuff, but i would prefer something more "substantial" that would hold better with time

Do you guys have some ideas on where to look? 

That would be a great start!


This is one version of the Armitron Prismatica. It is $70 and comes in a variety of colorways. It doesn't show here, because gifs don't seem to animate here, but the dial colors shift as the hands advance. You can see the animation at armitron.com. if you are interested. They also have other art inspired watches. #armitron