My FastTake: Nove Trident Automatic

Specs are available online and I encourage you to look those up yourself if you're interested in this watch.  In other words, do your homework.  

Here are my personal thoughts beyond the technical details:

Pros:  well built, feels solid, looks good (to me), lum gets the job done, bracelet isn't a hair puller and lays nice on my wrist, the mix of brushed and polished areas really work to highlight the details, the rose gold accents (on this model) are tastefully done enhancing the overall look, that MOP dial is a stunner in various lighting, it lays very flat on my wrist and stays put thanks to the domed exhibition crystal

Cons:  bezel is hard to turn (because its so slim and lacks any coining), integrated bracelet (looks great but limits options) (it barely fits my 8.6"/22cm wrist (and no extra links were included, nor I haven't gotten any response from Nove on how to acquire extras after a few days of trying to reach them)), no micro adjustments in the clasp making for a very hit or miss fit

Undecided:  in the sun or bright indoor lighting, the polished details really pop, giving a more "blingy" look than I'm used to (its growing on me though), customer service has thus far been unresponsive, the crown is small for my large fingers but its function works well when I can get a grip on it

Disclaimer:  I am unaffiliated in any way with Nove.  I paid for this watch out of pocket via their authorized Amazon US store.


Dealing with customer support has been a chore.  Many attempts to reach out and several days later I finally got a response; they're willing to send me 4x half links for free (good on them!) but I have to pay $30 shipping to the US (that seems a bit much, but ok).  Did and done (via the PayPal link they sent) but no follow up in more than a day since regarding confirmation of payment received or tracking info.  

I think things will all work out in the end, but communication along the way needs improving.