Big guys with big wrists check in; what are you wearing?

Would love to see what other fellow "yetis" out there are rocking.

For reference, I'm 6'9" tall, 365lb, and have a 8.6" wrist.

I've just started my collection and along the way I've played with lots of various watches (or at least tried; 1 maybe 2 times have I walked into an AD and been able to actually try anything on; "we can order a longer strap..."  I know you know the pain...)  I have found no smaller than 44mm are most to my liking, regardless of style (dress/formal, everyday beater, diver, flieger, field etc)

So the questions are:

-what size wrist do you have?

-what brands/models do you like (pics on wrist?)

-what do you do about straps (bracelets, leather, nato, rubber, silicone...)

-anything else to discuss big guy/big wrist/watch related?

Looking forward to seeing what ya got and your thoughts!


To try and spark some discussion...


Here's my Lum-Tec Combat B45 (43mm) on my 8.6" wrist.  Sporting a green Ritche NATO (third or fourth hole from the end).

I love the watch.  Its fantastic.  But to my eye, just a hair small on my wrist, even at 43mm...    


This thing on?  I know we're rare but is there no other fanatic out there of this size that has anything to offer?  

Here's another of mine.  The Nove Trident Automatic 46mm.  The bracelet is too small for my wrist, and I've had a hell of a time getting their customer support to inform on how to order more links... but all said, the watch itself is beautiful, well made with a quality movement, and I love its proportions on my wrist.  Just hoping I don't have to return it for refund because of customer support fails...


One more.  Here's a "CasiOak" (GM-2100B-3AJF) 44.4mm.  Not bad, but stupid hard to read the time at a glance (legibility) in various lighting.