Something looked odd.

Clearly i have been flogging the DIY diver too hard. Came in from yard work to check on the the cricket and when I went to look at the time. Took me a second (pardon the pun 馃槒) to figure out what was wrong with this picture. Had to send it back to the manufacturer (me) for repairs. Thankfully all working again though the handset is not as pristine as it was before. Also bit concerned that there was a random crown tube gasket sitting loose on the crown stem. Inspected crown tube and stem, there was a crown tube gasket in the tube and the crown seal was in place under the crown head. There was no gap in the tube or anywhere else so I am suspecting there might have been an extra one in there by accident and it has worked loose as I have used the watch. I had previously been swimming with it and there has been no leaks or fogging. I will probably take it in to get pressure tested to be on the safe side.