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diywatches ·

Blue Dial Project watch

This is the second watch I made. I've acquired all the parts from online. I put in a NH35 movement. Let me know what your guys think or if you have an...
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diywatches ·

My First Watch Build

The first watch I made was a learning experience. I put the Dial on upside down and had to take it all apart. I also broke my second hand and to find...
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Saigoat ·

Bronze Watch Experiment #2: Plant Fertilizer

Here's a follow-up in my bronze watch experimentation series . I added a coat of greenish patina using 20-20-20 plant fertilizer. With the tough dark...
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hbein2022 ·

And yet another home build ... with hands I hadn't planned for.

And I just got another home build done on a slow Friday. The dial is from Crystal Time, and I just loved it when I first saw it, but I had no real ide...
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erochelle ·

Watch repairers/makers help

OK, first off, I'm poorer than poor, so I try to do as much to things myself as I can. That said, I have an older model Invicta (I know, but stay with...
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Saigoat ·

Bronze Watch Experiment #1: Gun Bluing Paste

I bought an inexpensive Chinese CuSn8 bronze watch for patina experimentation. Who cares if something goes wrong? Not me. This watch has a sterile dia...
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orforddesign ·

Any advise on why this wont seat evenly

Trying to attach this bezel to a case with a press, but it will never seat properly always going to one side. Any tips to get to to sit perfect?
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orforddesign ·

First custom Seiko mod with custom chapter ring

This is my first attempt at a custom Seiko mod, the chapter ring is silver set with diamonds. The idea came from seeing the moon surface dial and want...
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HoroMichigan ·

Tried To Upgrade My Own Bracelet: Before and After

About a week or two ago, I was contemplating buying a Strapcode bracelet for my Orient Kamasu, but instead I decided to spend about half the money on...
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Is this within ToS?

So I’m really unsure if this works within the rules of watchcrunch. so I’ll understand if it gets removed. the reason it’s here however. is I found th...
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