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DIY Watchclub

Anyone have any experience with DIY Watchclub? How was it? Good? Bad? Fun? Frustrating? Thanks!

Building a watch and I realised I ordered the wrong everything...

I decided to make a few watches this month... And yeah. I ordered the wrong cases, the dials weren't the right fit (the shipper is to blame for that)....

An Indy Watch Crunch Collab

As some of you may know @Ichibunz and I fancy ourselves as builders in this space. After many posts and on Ichi's suggestion we thought "why not do a...

Adjustable Clasp

Ever since I got my first on-the-fly toolless adjustable clasp (say that five times fast), I’ve been on the hunt for an aftermarket solution and I thi...

Don't throw in the towel

I won this Vostok on Ebay for £50 and I was the only bidder The seller stated that it just stopped one day and hasn't run since So I took a chance and...

DIY and save for more watches

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, I spent a few hours wrenching on my pick up yesterday to replace the water pump,belts, and oil,if I paid a pro...

Sand blasting a watch case for $6 (DIY)

I always like to do something myself, if at all possible. This is why I love modding my Seikos. Shout out YouTube! So I had bought this bracelet on Am...

Building Your Own Custom Watch; Where Would You Begin?

For a little while now, I've been casually thinking about where I want to end up for the next destination on my watch enthusiasm journey. As you might...

The Amateur-ist Watchmakers Workspace

I have had a couple (I think literally just two) people ask for pictures of my work area, so I figured I’d share it. I think any professional watch ma...

Where can I buy a Seiko movement

Good morning, I'd like to ask for sources to buy a real seiko NH35, or NH36 or NH38. According to Seiko docs, they should have Japan or Malaysia engra...