Have I committed wristwatch heresy?!

So the longtimers on WC probably already know this, but for the newer folks on here, I am very much a bracelet proponent and prefer them to fabric, rubber or leather straps for their longevity, as well as their cleanliness. It gets and stays hot in South Florida for most of the year, after all, and it's very easy to become a sweaty mess and destroy any non-metal straps. My latest acquisition (a Hanukkah gift to myself), was a Glycine Combat Vintage 6 (GL0122), which came on an olive green NATO-style strap by default. The watch is wholly genuine and was sold to me as NOS. Needless to say, I was keen to swap it out onto a bracelet. In looking at my collection, I realized that none of my other watches are on a mesh-style bracelet, so I started looking into them. But in researching mesh bracelets, I learned that very few of them worked the way that I wanted -- specifically, ending in a finished straight lug, having a secure clasp, and actually consisting of mesh (or at least looking like it) over the entirety of the bracelet. I also didn't want a mass of metal under my wrist. Ultimately I made a decision, and ordered a mesh bracelet from AliExpress. The bracelet is, quite simply, a clone of the mesh bracelets used by Breitling on the Superocean line. As the Glycine has a 22mm lug width, and the bracelets were available in 22mm, it was a match made in heaven. It turns out, however, that it wasn't just a clone of the mesh bracelet -- it was a "fake" in that it has the Breitling logos and name stamped on the clasp, as well as a declaration that it is Swiss made (in French). Don't get me wrong, it's very well made, and I'm very happy with the quality. But I also know that it's about as real as a readily available Rolex Daytona in steel. Having ordered it, and regardless of the fact that the bracelet is fake, I put it on the watch anyway. So my question to you all is this -- have I committed wristwatch heresy in doing so? And if so, have I committed it by: (1) mixing and matching logos -- a Glycine watch with a Breitling branded bracelet (regardless of the fact that its fake); (2) using a bracelet with fake branding; or (3) by doing both. I await your opinions...and scorn. Probably mostly scorn. 🤷‍♀️
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No heresy there. I have a Laco Flieger on a Stowa strap. That bracelet goes great with that piece and I say march on with it!