Max ·

I wanted to like this watch

Do you ever meet a watch that looks so good, you don't even care about the specs? The new superocean takes the classic recipe that's made Tudor succes...
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marianivan10 ·

What Superocean 44 would you buy tomorrow?

Write in the comments your $3000 alternative.
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WatchN ·

Can I ask about the Breitling Superocean

I randomly walked into the Breitling store yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by how nice I thought this watch is. It’s a brand/watch I’ve hardly...
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Mastiff ·


Popped into the Breitling boutique, London today and spotted this superocean 44 in Bronze. In the metal its a beaut. Brown dial white markers 😍 What d...
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cornfedksboy ·

New color for Breitling Super Ocean

I think the new Super Ocean is a great looking watch! Breitling is doing some really good things of late, and they just put out this 42mm in a new col...
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Mastiff ·

Old vs New

Interested to know the WC opinion if you'd pick the old or go with the new (design)
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Lightning_825 ·

My first true luxury watch

What’s going on guys! Just found out about this forum excited to check it out, this was my first luxury watch I bought for my wedding recently, Breitl...
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SeanS79 ·

When does “wrist presence” become “helicopter pad?”

So I’m in serious trouble with the Breitling SOH 44mm 😬 Rationale: 1) My wife wears rose gold (incl wedding / engagement ring) and id like something t...
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quickwristwatchcheck ·

I think this is so underrated - am I the only one?

Absolutely love how this looks - anyone else think the same? Anyone have any experiences? Thinking.................Which is always dangerous.............
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