I'm keeping it

So this is a follow up to my last post where I asked you for your opinion on wether I should keep or sell my longines Hydroconquest 41. I decided to put it to the test. I took it as my only watch on a 20 day vacation, I chose it over a GMT which would have made more sense to carry as an only watch during travel my travel time. After all the time I spent with it I have decided to love it for a little longer. So I don't want to sell it right now. The decision is not set in stone, years will pass and I might eventually sell it, but for now, it will live in my collection, as it showed is a very capable and versatile watch during holidays. Bonus, it's a stealthy watch, it looks generic as hell and people won't take a second look, it's easy to slip under a jacket cuff and it's comfortable to wear over long periods of time, those are the reasons why I will keep it. Comment below what you think or what you would have done, I'd love reading other people's opinions!

Nothing says you have to keep a watch indefinitely. Wear it while you enjoy it , sell it when you stop enjoying it.

Stealth is the way to go while on vacation for various reasons. Enjoy every moment cause you never know what comes next.

It's a great watch, the hydroconquest is bullet proof and does everything. It's one of my fave watches in my collection and the one watch that will stay with me (plus the fact it was my long service award and my 1st foray into Swiss auto's) so a bit biased I am. But its just accomplished and in nearly 6 years of ownership it still puts a big smile on my face.

Long live Longines馃鉂わ笍

Great watch, one of my first proper Swiss watches. It will never leave my collection. Currently wearing one today!