Tudor Grilling Time

Happy Sunday Fellas! Tudor GMT Black Bay Grilling Time!

So, did you use the watch to time the steaks? Did the +5s/day turn your medium into well done? 馃槣

Well.. if you insist we grill your BBGMT.. it鈥檚 a bit chunky. 馃槢 Bwah! Just kidding. I have one myself and it is a damned-near perfect stunner, friend. Wear it in good health.

I don鈥檛 know why but the sort-of-agro pointed finger at the meat is just funny looking. What a great watch too. Every day I鈥檓 forcing myself to wait to buy one of these until early 24 and it is getting harder. The watch that is, not the wienies.

I see a food thermometer, maybe not a man's best friend, but close ... 馃槈