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Waiting for 2024 in TULUM

I’m here with my 126900 in Tulum waiting 2023 to end and start a new 2024. West wishes to all.

Time to enjoy Tulum, Mexico

And the Winner is Air King 126900!

Air King Sunset Time

Having a great time with family and my Air King. best time ever!!

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commented on NWA: I PAMed and got a 915 ·

Great choice. And guess what? You made that choice no one else! 👏

commented on They say: Tudor is the poor man’s Rolex. ·

At the end of the day comes to what you like. Tudor is a great brand also Rolex. I have both and I rotate my watches. If you are a watch lover that’s all it matters. I don’t really care about people opinions regarding a watch brand. There are plenty of Rich people and they hang out with their own. I hang out with my same level friends so there’s no competition on who owned the best watch….lol 🤣

commented on Let’s Play a Game of Match the Watch or Bust! 🤪 ·

AirKing #126900

commented on Air King ·

I love ❤️ my 126900 Air King. Who cares what people think. If you are happy with your watch that’s what matters!

commented on Time to enjoy Tulum, Mexico ·

I was looking at your collection. Great choices. We share the same brands pieces……..great taste……lol 👍

commented on Time to enjoy Tulum, Mexico ·

This is our first time in Tulum. My friend owns a property and we are spending New years with them. Great place a lot different things to do and the food is great! Happy 2024

commented on Which Watch will you choose? ·

Just a pre-tryout……lol


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Which Watch will you choose?

I’m going on a little trip ocean side! If you just want to take one ☝️ watch only! Witch one will you take? The Tudor GMT Pepsi, Omega Seamaster Diver...

Rolex Time F1

Keeping Rolex Time F1 Las Vegas


Finally F1 In Las Vegas

Tuesday Air King Watch Review day!

I just really happy with this piece!

Start and Finish Working Day!

Start hard working day with Longines Hydro Conquest and finishing report working day with Air King!

Longines Working Day

I took my Longines Hydro Conquest to work. He’s doing just fine 👍 He’s a strong 💪 Watch ✔️