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I got another one!

After swapping out my blue strap for a brown leather one I decided to get a little adventurous with my next one. What do y’all think?

New Strap, New Watch

The itch for a new watch is real. However I know that once I scratch it I’ll only be fine for a while and then it comes back. I’ve been countering my...

How often should you service your watch?

I’ve had my speedy for about 3 years now and never had it serviced. It keeps time like it always has and even if it didn’t I’m not a stickler on the e...

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commented on ◇ HODINKEE ◇ ·

I love HODINKEE and what they do. They have great reads and some amazing videos. Talking Watches is my favorite as is Four + One and Week on the Wrist. Not sure why they get so much hate.

commented on Rolex explorer 2 226570 ·

I waited 2 years to get this watch. But it was also a little harder to get a Rolex when I requested it. Don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want this watch. It’s super comfortable, a GMT and is a great daily or one watch collection.

commented on I got another one! ·

Sometimes the speedy needs some new shoes.

commented on I got another one! ·

Simple Amazon search.

commented on Current SOTC, 4 Spots Left ·

The BB58 was my first luxury watch. It’s only a matter of time before you itch for a Rolex

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Watches that don’t get wrist time

As we add to our collections we often put what used to be our favorite watches towards the back of the box or even worse…a shoe box. This doesn’t mean...

Seiko Sunday

Keeping it simple on this Sunday morning.

Speedmaster. Because it’s Tuesday and because I can!

The more I wear my speed the more I fall in love with it.

2024’s dial color will be…..

There are always different trends thst hit the market. Dial colors have changed over the years. Green, dark blues, Tiffany, salmon, ect… what’s this y...

SOTC 2024

As I see all these SOTC posts I thought maybe I should toss mine out there too. Starting top left to right. Hamilton Air Racer Redbull edition (first...

How many watches did you acquire in 2023? What’s your number for 2024

Curious as to how many pieces you WCers pick up in 2023 and what they were. Any goals for 2024? I picked up a Rolex Explorer II Polar dial and a Rolex...