What watches have you gifted family, friends and associates?

Orient Charlene FNR1Q00AW0 for my girlfriend

Two Casio W-218H for my two teen daughters

Casio LTP-V006L for my mother who won't wear her Rolex and Tag Heuer outside the house. She seems to like the Casio and wears it going out.

Casio MTP-V004L for an associate who is often late for work. A watch has helped him get to work on time.


I became a watch enthusiast as the result of researching and buying a watch for my son. I also happened to be reading a book that featured a watch at the time. More on all that here. The watch I ended up choosing for my son was a Timex Weekender Chronograph that came with both a leather nato strap and a blue canvas one. (I think it was made in the Philippines, by the way. :)

Weekender Chronograph 40mm Leather Strap Watch Silver-Tone/Tan/Blue large

Months later, my wife’s Swatch (classic 34mm model, black with white dial, day, and date) that she’d been wearing for 20 years finally gave out. She has an allergic reaction to many metals and has become accustomed to plastic watches as a result of having worn that Swatch and another similar one (smokey transparent case, no day or date) for decades. She’d seen some of my watch enthusiast ramblings and was curious about California dials and automatic movements, so I got her one of these:


I still don’t have a watch of my own.


I gave my son a Casio analog watch a few years ago when he was about 8. Just this month I gave him an Alba solar analog to replace the Casio. He liked my Seiko with the kanji day, and was excited to get a JDM watch of his own with a kanji day/date. 

(Don’t tell anyone, but I also gave my wife a new replacement Apple Watch last year.)


My youngest daughter has caught the watch bug, so I have gifted her over the last couple of years:

  • Seiko SKX013
  • Hamilton Ventura (quartz mother-of-pearl dial)
  • Seiko SUP250 (the Cartier Tank homage)

Last Christmas, I gave my brother the Casio B640, which has a better size for his wrist, and a much better light than the F-91W. I gave his son the Casio AE-1000. 


And, then I gave the son of my business partner, a Casio CA-53WF.


Always can't go wrong with Casio. Finally, I gave a Seiko SYMD93 for my girlfriend.


I gave my brother an Orient Ray blue and my youngest brother an SKX007. My son took my Marathon GP quartz after receiving a couple of G shocks, casios and swatch watches. My wife got an Apple watch from me last year. :))


My wife didn't wear watches at all until she commented on a Casioak ad she saw. I got her and she and she wears them all the time now! 


Rolex Air King for my father when he retired (there is a back story but I’m not going into it).

Must de Cartier for wife. A vintage Oris pointer date (28mm), was going to be for nephew but he was much too young. Technically my Breitling Colt 38mm as well as I’ve never had the chance to get it back off her since I tried it on in the shop 😂. 

70s/80s Orient SK Diver for brother-in-law before he went travelling. He liked mine so got him a similar one.

neon F91Ws for my niblings. Wife didn’t want one (too busy with the Breitling).


Wife:Bernhardt Delphine, Certina DS-1 Anniversary, TAG Aquaracer Diamond

Son:G-Shock, Citizen quartz dress watch

Youngest daughter:Bulova Winter Park & SKX013 Seiko

Son-in-law:Torgeon T9GMT, Citizen Promaster Tough and Seiko SSC717P1 Chrono and will be gifting him a Citizen NY0100-50X this fall for his school graduation.

Best friend/coworker:Orient Mako Pepsi and Orient Hammerhead

Former ACFO/friend:Citizen Eco-Drive H610 S133225

Another coworker/friend@his job departure:Orient Mako II

Various other watches given to online watch friends: mostly Seikos