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Watch Accuracy Shootout

And here we go! I'm bored, so measuring accuracy of my 3 favourite mechanical watches. The results may surprise you :-) First up... My Sinn 104. Lovel...

Some thoughts on my BB58

This morning I put the BB58 on for the first time in a while (my Sinn has been favoured recently due to a new Anachronist strap). And a few things str...

A new classic

Forget the Submariner... The only "diver" watch that matters! It's a piece of junk, but always makes me smile.

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commented on Pink dial watches = a sign of masculine confidence and swagger 馃┓馃憤馃徑

Good for the ladies - Tudor making chronos just for them. About time.

commented on Micro Tournament Round 1 Day 3: Maen Vs. Straum

Gotta say, I really like the colour of that Straum. This is a strange match, as I wouldn't put a chronograph up against a normal 3-hander. I would perhaps have a separate competition for chronographs.

commented on Richierich's WRUW

Yes, it's an 18mm Barton Elite. Very comfortable.

commented on I'm done with bracelets.

I always prefer straps over bracelets. Comfort is king!

commented on What is the best German watch?

If you're into the tool watch aesthetic, Sinn 556 or 104. Both superbly put together watches.

commented on Raymond Weil Millesime

Gotta say, RW aren't top of my list, but I really love that one.

Make it so, number 1.

commented on The horrors of magnetism 馃Р鈿★笍鈥 do you care?

Get a Tudor or similar watch with silicon hairspring. Sorted!

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New Tudor FXD dropped today A black FXD - predictable, but I love a black dial, so I'm not complaining. First impressions, folks?

What next?

Looking for some opinions and ideas. I've been collecting for a while now. After a host of the usual budget watches (Seiko, Orient, Vostok Invicta etc...

Holiday watch report

This year I made the conscious decision to take 2nd tier watches on holiday. Caravan sites are not known for their excessive security, so it was impor...

F**k You watches

Do you own a f**k you watch? These are the watches that go against the narrative. They prick the bubble of delusion and poke a finger in the eye of el...

Favourite watch update

The BB58 is going stronger than ever. I last reported some time ago that my Reverso was gaining on the Tudor. But on a whim I bought a new all black B...

Seiko 5 Sport - Peanuts

Funny how things like this come along. I was just wondering how I could bring back the fun in my watches, when this little thing came up in YouTube: I...