Loss of a timepiece

I just wanted to know if anyone had any advice on how to prevent the loss/theft of a treasured timepiece, what can be done if worst comes to worst and how to deal with the aftermath.

Of course, it’s important to lock things away when not using them, and insure them but wondered if there are any innovative measures fellow crunchers have taken to protect or recover a prized possession.

Having recently seen more and more stories emerging recently of watch theft, or loss in other ways, of sometimes hugely valuable watches (financially as well as sentimentally) I wanted to see how people deal with this risk.


how bout this


As much as I love my watches, I do not show it off except to this forum. As my craziness about watches is expanding so is the cost of each piece. Though I cannot comment on what to do after the loss but grieve or how to recover here are some options I am considering and some I am already doing: 

  1. I always wear full sleeves when wearing an expensive piece. That’s the world we live in.😔 I only discuss watches with like minded watch people - unicorns 🦄
  2. Get a bank locker and send expensive into exile. 🏦
  3. Insure them and increase your monthly premium. $$
  4. When you will be out of house for extended periods of time aka vacation.  The display watch box has cheap ones and all expensive one are spread out between bank, work locker and other places. Like a treasure hunt or a squirrel hiding acorns. Hope you don’t loose your memory about the locations. 
  5. Sell them all and live happily ever after. (That’s a myth)

@Half_Life has the basics pretty well covered. 

But now that you mentioned it and my brain is working; the technology exists to track an item not in your possession. Unfortunately, the trackers are rather large and don't fit on or in a watch, but maybe that can be miniaturized more. Or maybe the metal cases dampen the signal too much. 


A million dollar idea: mini tracker for watches like a strap/ buckle insert 🧐. @UnholiestJedi you might be onto something.


Insurance = Answer.


A lot mentioned about theft already but I would like to mention another peril- stupidity.

Always take your watch off when you are going to be doing activities that may damage it.

Like wrenching on the car

Like going in the water with your watch when you don't need to

Like leaving your watches in careless places where they can be knocked off a table

Like not making sure the springbars are secure after a strap change before putting it on the wrist

Like putting your watch in a checked bag at the airport


You get the idea.....I've done all of the above a one time or another.  Damage or loss because of stupiditiy is much more of a threat than theft IMHO.


All good points!

I’ve heard of people using SmartWater on their valuables, don’t know if anyone here has tried that?

I heard of a story earlier this week where a YouTuber had a watch stolen just after having bought it in France. It seems a bit shady but illustrates the desirability and the motivation of some thieves to relieve you of your fine timepieces….and what not to do when it happens too (sadly)!