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Grunka_Lunka ·

I need a G-Shock (apparently) HELP!

I want to understand what the love is all about, so…if I were to have just one Casio G-Shock which would be considered the best all-rounder?
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Grunka_Lunka ·

When does a ‘microbrand’ become a mainstream brand

I hear a lot of chat about microbrands on forums and wondered when one becomes a a fully fledged brand…and whether there are any examples of a break o...
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Grunka_Lunka ·

When is a dial too ‘noisy’?

There are more watch dial designs than atoms in the universe (probably), and I wondered at what point you would consider a watch dial to be a bit much...
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Grunka_Lunka commented on Is it really that bad? ·

It’s no skin off anyone’s nose what you buy. It’s your money, buy whatever brings you happiness.

What I (or anyone else) chooses to buy is our decision and ours alone, there is no need for a justification - nor a thread seeking validation!

Grunka_Lunka commented on I'm Sorry Omega ·

On behalf of the Swatch group (that I am not affiliated with) ‘we forgive you’ :)

You transcendent bastard!

Grunka_Lunka commented on Brad Pitt rules! ·

Beautiful 222 on a beautiful man.

Hmm, I’m gay now.

Grunka_Lunka commented on About effing time ·

Not a massive fan, no.

Grunka_Lunka commented on List your best deals for under 1000$ here! ·

I bought a Muhle Glashutte Terrasport II for £250 on eBay. I was (and still am) chuffed with it!

It remains my best buy to date.

Grunka_Lunka commented on Bruce Wayne's Reverso ? ·

It’s a great choice due to the watch (as with Bruce) being able change appearance - things are not what they appear, lovely touch.

Similarly to Thomas Crown :)

Grunka_Lunka commented on This watch has broken me. ·

That is beautiful, a top draw watch.

I think you may have found ‘the one’. Lucky you!

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Grunka_Lunka ·

In watches, where does ‘luxury’ begin?

Is ‘luxury‘ determined by price point? Is it relative? Does it mean the same to two different people from different parts of the world? Is it exclusiv...
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Grunka_Lunka ·

The classiest watch you know?

I was wondering, since a friend mentioned that a watch we were talking about was ‘classy’, what people had in their mind when talking about refinement...
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Grunka_Lunka ·

Are Rolex worth the wait?

I hope to achieve a milestone (well three really…turning 50, 25 years of marriage and getting my university degree) in 2026 and have wanted to get a w...
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Grunka_Lunka ·

Collection consolidation

Does anyone else have a watch collection purge from time to time? I have three watches that I no longer wear and have my eye on a Tudor Ranger to repl...
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Grunka_Lunka ·

Loss of a timepiece

I just wanted to know if anyone had any advice on how to prevent the loss/theft of a treasured timepiece, what can be done if worst comes to worst and...
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Grunka_Lunka ·

Getting your SO into watches

Has anyone else’s love of things horological rubbed off on loved ones? or have you had their love rub off on you? I‘ve loved timepieces for as far bac...
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Grunka_Lunka ·

Best under the radar watches?

With the economy all over the show and stories of watch theft on the rise. I wondered what people’s thoughts were on great timepieces that fly under t...
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