Federico is totally right

i 100% agree with his opinion on this topic what do you think ladies and gentleman?


Pretty much


I'v seen this clip. Those watches aren't for me but they're for someone else. I  won't slam a watch.  Just won't buy them for myself. 

Thanks for sharing!



How he tied Movado to the MOMA piece is odd. He is one of the folks I consider an actual expert. He’s been trained by some of the top chains and he absolutely has the chops, but the MOMA piece has nothing to do with Movado. Nathan George Horwitt made the watch for Vacheron and that is the watch on display. Movado literally stole the design and it was not for decades later did they settle with the family for stealing his IP. 

As for the rest of the vid, his take is not wrong, but I am all for people buying what they like, even if it is not a great value.


Great fodder for making watch geeks...I mean watch enthusiasts...sit back and clap themselves on the back and nod their heads.

Do we all think Richard Mille watches make someone look like a douche...yep probably...but by that matter doesn't Jeff Bezos look like a douche taking steroids and making a public stunt of his mid-life crisis...why not simplify it and purchase a Richard Mille and a Lamborghini...that's the easy way to let people know you are afraid to die...

Movado or "Fashion Watches" - aren't these two really the same thing? These are watches for people who don't really give a rip about the technical quality of a watch...just like all those fashionistas purchasing the Gucci Grip...it isn't something we think about here in watch enthusiast land because we know better right? That's why some of us go to Aliexpress to buy our equivalent of crappy watches that homage more famous watches...

Invicta...I've got nothing here...those are generally crimes against humanity, but hey lots of people buy them so...

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