Collection within a collection

Growing up, we didn't get to watch the holiday Peanuts cartoons all that much. I don't think my parents could stand it; honestly, as I've gotten older, I can understand why. The writing and production quality of the movies as they were, repeated viewings didn't appeal to them all that much. Regardless, we saw them enough that I have fond, childhood memories, but I've never been a collector of Peanuts memorabilia... until now.

I've caught the Snoopy collection bug and these are the first 4 I've acquired (pictures taken from Timex's website). The collector in me is wishing I could have started this sooner as there are already some that are almost impossible to obtain; the St. Patrick's Day one, for example, and even a more recent red-dialed Halloween version.

Admittedly, these are cheap quartz watches and lack the weight that would at least give one a perception of quality. They feel great to wear, though, and give me a hit of nostalgia when I look at them.

Love those watches!

Enjoy wearing them and feeling the nostalgia ooze from those timepieces.


I love it!

Cool collection馃槑

Love seeing people enjoying their collections and this is a lot of fun. Been thinking about getting a Timex x Peanuts watch myself.


I see you!

They are fun and make people happy. I can't think of a better reason to wear a watch.

I love watches like these! They reflect the pure fun,joy and whimsy the hobby can be.