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8.50” / 21.59 cm Wrist
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Anyone want a Helm Khuraburi purchase code? (Titanium)

I don’t recall how long ago I did it but I signed up on the waiting list for a Helm Khuraburi Titanium. Since I own the standard model I’m not going t...

Giving it a try

I purchased a Marathon JSAR recently and wasn’t in love with the stock strap. Just got this Hawkrigger strap and I’m looking foreword to seeing how it...

New watch purchase

I’ve been eyeing one of these Marathon JSAR watches for ages. Finally made the decision to pull the trigger. Review coming up after I’ve spent some ti...

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commented on Seiko 6105-8119 🫡 ·

Not too shabby indeed.

commented on The quantum paradox in watch collecting ·

Technically quantum physics can only explain it until you try to explain it and then that attempt changes the explanation.

commented on Pagani leather? ·

Why not both depending on your mood? For me the strap is too dressy for a diver but that is just my dumb opinion. You get to wear your watches your way.

commented on Canvas Hand Made Strap II ·

Wow, incredible!

commented on Anyone want a Helm Khuraburi purchase code? (Titanium) ·

Helm is one of those “if you know, you know” brands. An immensely successful micro brand that gets rave reviews in the intersection where price and quality intersect. The owner only makes 150 of each SKU a month and the waiting lists are several years long to get one.

commented on Finally went for it! Monta Skyquest ·

Looks awesome. You don't hear the word "disappointed" associated with Monta.

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The Nixon 51-30 Tide Mismatch

I thought I’d share this purchase because I’m a sucker for odd, colorful and whacky timepieces. Also, thanks to my Shrek sized wrists I can usually pu...

My vintage Orient watches and my newest Re-issue.

Like a lot of collectors, I went through a phase where I got into vintage watches. I picked up vintage Seiko and Mortima but landed on 70's era Orient...

The ADDIESDIVE Deep Sea Hunter Dive Watch Review

I've got a lot of good quality and what I deem to be "expensive" watches in my collection. I consider myself lucky enough to own two Sinn pieces, an O...

Addiesdive AD2102 Deep Sea Hunter

4.4 Avg. Score

First look: AV-8's "Dambuster" Special Edition

First of all, this is not my watch. It belongs to a good buddy who is a fan of AV-8 watches. He was one of the first to order this special edition and...

Heads Up for anyone interested.

Found this beauty on Amazon's "Today's Deals" section and it's quite a nice price IMHO. The Citizen Promaster NY0129-58L. $199 is a great price for a...

Who knew?

An empty Doritos sack makes a great backdrop for watch photography. Have a great Sunday WatchCrunchers!