A busy weekend at the Donkey Sanctuary...

So, alongside completing the build of the WC Camel


and finishing the complete refurb of another Seiko 5


I also managed to squeeze in a service/refurb of this Seiko 6309-8080. (It rained a lot this weekend)

It's not a 5 although it shares much of the 5 DNA, most notably the 6309 movement which powers so many of the 5s from this period. (70s - 80s).

It wasn't in poor condition, it just needed a good service, a case refinish and a new acrylic crystal. The dial is pristine which is always a bonus.


Nice clean movement post service (rotor not attached)


..so now it's ready to explore pastures new...

@Guvnor64 - call me 馃槈

Will do! Nice job...

Ooo, love this one. I wanna put it on a nice deep brown leather, or maybe something crazy like a blue and white stingray or lizard. I feel a cushion case in my future.