The right strap

Was it weird that CW put a white stripe in the strap & not a blue one on the ATOL?

Think i'm gonna have to buy the bracelet

I think the white works, but if you like bracelets I'm told the CW ones are good.聽

I have 2 other CW on Bracelets & I can vouch for the quality, the on the fly adjustment is great.

Think i'm looking for moral support to buy it 馃槈

That would also look nice on a brown strap.聽

I think I have the same strap but mine鈥榮 on the C60 Chrono.聽

I think it looks good, but a similar colour blue to tie into your dial would have been a nice finishing touch. I鈥檓 sure there will be extra strap options in the future.

I was thinking something similar with mine in that a yellow stripe could be a nice tie in with the hands and bezel.


Does milanese suit?