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Made in Germany - Show me Yours

Whilst the Swiss Watch houses and the giants of Japan may steal most of the headlines, there’s some seriously impressive watches coming out of Germany...
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Alexander - Journeyman A171 - Sometimes less is more!

Alexander Watches is not a company I'm too familiar with, but I understand they are a Brooklyn based company who design in house and manufacture in Sw...
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Double fatality

It’s been a tough week with 2 deaths in my collection. It started with my U-Boat Capsoil Doppiotempo deciding it would rather be at rest than continue...
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AussieWatchGuy commented on Made in Germany - Show me Yours ·

Mühle 🎯

AussieWatchGuy commented on First time using Chrono24 ·

That’s unusual. I’ve bought from Chrono24 many times and the funds always go into escrow and are not released until the buyer confirms receipt of the watch. I wouldn’t be buying it without that. Especially knowing how many Panerai fakes are out there.

AussieWatchGuy commented on Why don't we talk more about ...... Revue Thommen? ·

You’re most welcome mate. That’s why we have this great little community so we can all chip in where we can 👍

AussieWatchGuy commented on Flieger ·

Awesome watch mate. I’m a massive fan of Laco and this one’s very cool. I’ll probably end up buying the Schwarz version myself down the track but your white dial looks very nice. Enjoy!

AussieWatchGuy commented on Why don't we talk more about ...... Revue Thommen? ·

I posted this a little while back, but RT is now back in family hands and being run by Andreas Thommen.

Another little tidbit is that is not actually affiliated with RT and their official site is in fact as there’s no official licensee in the USA at the moment.

When I was last in touch with Andreas he mentioned there would be some new models in the pipeline so I’m very much looking forward to that.

Anyway here’s my RT which was produced while Grovana was the licensee.

AussieWatchGuy commented on Bang for buck Swiss watches ·

If you’re looking for a really good bang for buck I can highly recommend Atlantic Watches. Good quality that won’t break the bank.


Some others worth a look are:

Alpina, Atlantic, Bomberg, Certina, Hamilton, Mido, Mathey-Tissot, Revue Thommen, Squale, Tissot, Zeno-Watch Basel and Zodiac.

AussieWatchGuy commented on Mido Ocean star Tribute. First grail watch. ·

The Ocean Star is a very nice watch and it looks great on bracelet or silicon strap so you can’t go wrong. I’ve been very impressed with my Mido. Good luck with the hunt, hope you get it soon!

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Win a Laco Polar42 this Flieger Friday

Head to the Laco website and enter the code “POLAR001” for your chance to win. What have you got to lose? If it’s not me I hope it’s somebody else her...
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Hamilton Jazzmaster Openheart or a Map of New Zealand ?

My Kiwi brothers will kill me for this, but everytime I see this Jazzmaster Openheart all I see is New Zealand. Even the jewel under the 12 is close e...
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Longines Spirit

For a while now I've had my heart set on a BB GMT as my next big purchase, but with recent price rises I'm starting to question the value for somethin...
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If you purchase a watch in 2022, but it doesn't arrive until 2023 which year do you count it in?

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And the winner of a Wolf watch winder is !!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered my little give-away. Unfortunately there can be only one winner and today, the lucky number came up for @Tankytank Cong...
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Paying it Forward - Your chance to win!

As we enter the giving season it's time for me to #PayItForward and channel my friend @Asmara82 in providing a no strings attached give-away. I'll eve...
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Hey Certina fans. Here's the new DS+ Customisable Watch!

I've always been a fan of Certina. I think they offer great value and are an excellent entry into the Swiss watch world. I recently added the DS Actio...
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