What did I miss? Watches as therapy, once again

Haven't been on here for a minute, or 6000 of them. My old dog had a health crisis: a month of cellulitis on his lovely old mug, which then morphed into 6 weeks of abscess, dropping down into his dewlap. This all entailed daily soakings, daily vet visits, and daily home aspirations with a needle...yikes. And after this all cleared up--YAY-- we had the expected, um, stomach issues that come from 2 months on antibiotics. And the expected clean-ups, night and day. And then I collapsed, at least internally since I still had to work.

During this "event" (polite term), I noticed an interesting response that I also experienced last fall when I broke my leg (yes, a gala year, folks): I HATED watches for a good many weeks. I felt not merely indifferent, but really angry at the thought of watching my vids, reading my blogs, being here, and absolute rage when I saw my watch box. The thought of putting on a watch felt repugnant, and I used my phone to time the abscess-soakings.

So I let it be, just curious if this odd little joy would ever return. To be fair, most of my watch time is in the wee hours when I have some time and space, and this whole ordeal knocked me out really early.

And then one night towards the second half of this period, I realized that I was awake and had actual energy, and that it might feel....chill, really, to kick back with some watch content. Just, ya know, a no-pressure visit with a complex little machine that exists in its own anachronistic bubble and asks only to be what? Not even worn or wound, and certainly not amassed.

What was I so angry about? The watches were soothing, calming, hypnotic. A respite; a secret garden.

Getting back to it was definitely like getting back in the saddle after a broken bone. A little bit here and there, and noticing that it felt good, like putting an old skin back on and having it fit, but also finding that it brought with it new musings: why am I in the saddle? What is the Me, or perhaps what is in Me that drives this? That prefers this...to that?

So I have lots of new thoughts on The Watch and I, that "I" being all of us although as usual it will all be intensely subjective. Lucky you, watch fam! But really, lucky me. So glad to be able to be back here, and so looking forward to catching up on the 'Crunch.

Welcome back! Glad to hear that both you and the pup are on the mend!

You鈥檙e not gonna believe this, but while you were gone, people started asking whether or not smart watches are real watches. Someone else talked about how Rolexes are hard to get at MSRP, and another guy asked which watch he should buy. 馃檧

Glad the all the ordeals are behind you and you can come back to something that soothes you.

Welcome back, you've been missed and I was a little concerned we'd lost you permanently.

I understand the feeling of watches going in and out of favor. It's a very audiovisual medium and it is easy to get sensory overload, particularly when the rest of your senses are getting taken up.

I'm glad the doggo is doing well, that you're doing well, that watches can stop being onerous and start being joyful again.

I'm about to be off for my own leave of absence (a third daughter about to enter the world) so I feel like the place could use another navel gazer to keep everyone honest and a bit more introspective.

I'm glad you're back.