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Watch Life in Podunkadunkaville: A Quick Snapshot

So I live in the southwest, in a lovely small town that is not Scottsdale (so no AZ Fine Time). And we have no , that's right, zero, ADs. (Side note:...
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I Only Want One Watch: A Fantasy In the Making

So, inspired most recently by this post from @MarkD67 and the many thoughtful r...
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Delayed gratification (short-term)

My Mr Jones arrived, UK to US literally 2 days from purchase. Southwest Air, meet FedEx. Since I'm super-myopic, I like to examine things up close wit...
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Fracas commented on Exit collection? (Or just state of the collection?) ·

Argh— how did you get in my brain and steal my fantasy exit-collection?

Yeah, that’s it. You can stop, now.

(But you don’t have to 😉)

Fracas commented on SOTC 2023 ·

Bienvenue! Votre anglais est parfait, et votre collection aussi!

Fracas commented on Amazing service! ·

Nice cars, sure, but that GS is perfection

Fracas commented on Need help with watch box pillows! ·

Same problem…I think Jenni Elle sells watch boxes with smaller pillows bc of her own small wrists. Maybe she sells pillows separately—? Have been lazy myself about addressing this; sideways working well enuf

Fracas commented on Zaratsu polish getting scratched in time ·

@HotWatchChick69 is a GS maven and definitely the one to listen to.

That said, one of the reasons I sold my GS was bc I freaked out about keeping my Zaratsu perfect, which made the wearing…stressful.

But I think I’ve moved past that now, thanks to Crunchers here, and so I’m thinking about another one up the line 😉

Fracas commented on Do you have a watch where the whole show happens on the dial? ·

Another Seiko Presage, here. My 33.8 mm SRPF55:


It’s just a shocker how nice the brushed/laquer-y indigo dial is. Not to mention that the hands and indices have that gleaming, razor-like GS thing going on. Lotta watch in a little package and a big value.

Fracas commented on OMEGA TO TUDOR? ·

I'm crazy for that Seamaster, and not a huge Ranger fan. BUT--if you can't do both, I think you're right that the Ranger makes a better GADA, due to its design. Although it's cool now to wear a dive watch any time, the Ranger is more understated and stealthy in terms of a suit or an evening out, if those are things you partake in.

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Magnetization Question

My internet research gets confusing, so I’d rather turn to my smart, trusted Crunchers: I work online; hours of Zoom daily along with much Google-doc’...
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My Mr Jones Tiger watch is back in stock!

JUST ORDERED That´s it. That’s the whole post.
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Cooking with your watch on?

Anyone else feel oosty about this? I mean, splashing/sizzling oil, droplets of stuff, or tiny, flying pieces of fresh herbs or onions that hide in bra...
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Couple of recent lessons learned...

As they say, your mileage may vary. But here are some recent mishaps/mis-buys that have added to my knowledge base. At least, my knowledge of myself....
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My weird Rolex relationship, or "Thanks, Dad."

First off, this post is in no way to impugn anyone's positive Rollie-thing. They are indubitably great watches, but just not so much for me. I come fr...
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Watch collecting, meet my synesthesia...

So as the title notes, I have synesthesia. In case you don't know about that, it's like a doubling of the senses (in my case, but different synesthete...
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Five years ago, I innocently thought I might avoid the battery-change dance (another topic/query, but something about me makes quartz go wacky), and l...
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