Flogging the subject - Moon Swatch Mayhem

I was dumb and fought the crowds this morning.   We had a single location in Vancouver (and BC I assume) the Moonswatches would be available 

Swatch store is located in a big mall that opens at 10am.  The swatch clerk told me to maybe try to come in for 7:30?  But wasn’t sure if or when we could get into the mall… but to try lineup near the store once inside.   There are about 20 different mall entrances and no one knows when or which doors will open, she figured that most open by 8am even though no stores open till 10.

So - 
 0630 arrival - stood in huge line in underground parking lot at a locked entrance for ~30 minutes 

0700 - saw in distance what appeared to be an alternate entrance that looked unlocked

Risking it all, left current line and ran a few minutes to other door - and found a way into the mall!  Yippee!  I’m winning 🏆 

Dash upstairs - and I’m at the end of another huge line snaking out of site.    Disheartening volume of people, but.. now I’m in the mall, in the real line!  Whoop 🙌  I’ll settle in for the long haul.   Deploy Folding chair!  Still winning 🏆 

After a while I’m getting annoyed as the single dude in front keeps getting joined by more friends.  When it hits 4+ people I tell him “lineups grow from back and to please have some care and courtesy for others “

“Everybody does it!” Thanks, 🤬 

Waiting, waiting… and a report drifts down line - there are at least 2 other massive lineups in different parts of the mall.  Nobody knows which is ‘correct line’… but Im solidly in this line so can’t risk leaving in search of alternates now. Hmmm 😬. 

Wait longer - eventually Security shows up - this is the wrong line - we should all run to Macdonald’s area (a third line nobody knew about?).   Some argue that they are wrong - swatch staff said we lineup inside the mall ..

As argument cont, gradually the thousands around me dash off to join another huge line, I don’t know where? - and my desire to fight for a plastic quartz finally self immolates

So: back to car, back to home, back to quiet morning coffee and NYT.    😓😑

Now in Retrospect - glad it didn’t work out - just watched the Jenni Elle review and I wasn’t impressed.  And yes, 100% will revenge buy something else nicer 🤠


thx for sharing. but man that looks like some script from some zombie apocalypse movie. hope you find better alternative than this hype moonswatch. also thx to jenni elle to point that out. cheers 🍺


I'm sorry it didn't work out. It's crazy how we all behave when FOMO is at play. I'd be interested to know about the revenge buy you decide on 😁


This was both painful and hilarious to read 🤣. Shadenfreude is it called? 


My moonswatch experience: woke up at 8 to feed cat who jumped on my head. Went back to sleep, slept till 11. Had brunch, went for cycle, fed the squirrels, came home, logged on here but barely posted for moonswatch content, ordered pizza, watched Netflix till wife went to sleep. Moved clocks forward. Flip-flopped about a broken trench watch on eBay but passed on it. Bed.

100% happy with my choice.


yes. Let’s revenge buy together. 


The man is the result of the evolution of the monkey?? yes and we have proof of it today Thanks to Omega and Swatch for contributing to this scientific discovery 😀


I didn’t go through the hassle. Saw the huge line in the store and didn’t even bother to go. Then I revenge got a Dan Henry 1939 Military Chronograph for the same price. Let’s see: Domed sapphire crystal with anti reflexing x Plexi of the swatch;  stainless steel x plastic; Watch roll included x cardboard box; additional strap x nothing. Ok ok, no omega brand, but way way better specs…


All things considered, I'd have rather paid retail for a regular Moonwatch than have gone through your experience...


thx for sharing. but man that looks like some script from some zombie apocalypse movie. hope you find better alternative than this hype moonswatch. also thx to jenni elle to point that out. cheers 🍺

Yes, like zombie apocalypse, randomness and chaos reigned.  

Retrospective: if people were getting a 300 dollar legit Speedy - there is some sense in the fight, I suppose.  But I reckon the moonswatch is a big 50 dollar kids watch with Omega printed on it.  So 320 bucks ($350 Can with tax) is way overpaying… and the tortuous purchase experience is a free bonus! 

Kudos to those that slept in and ignored.