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7.00” / 17.78 cm Wrist
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As mentioned in my profile I now work in watch dealer. One that frankly quite often buys in watches that we are very unlikely to sell. The upside is t...

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commented on Tourbillons ·

Honestly I’ve been spoiled today at work. Will post pics tomorrow 😂

commented on Show us your high-end SOTC ·

My one big piece I guess is my moser streamlined chrono. It’s just gorgeous

commented on Best/Favorite Tudor Diver ·

I really like watches with a twist. LHD or FXD pelagos stand out for me 

commented on What watch would you buy and wear daily if money was not a problem? ·

Vacheron constantin overseas dual time, or a zeitwork, or an F P journe. There’s too much to choose from i can’t do it 

commented on a post ·

I’m really into good photography. Hate taking photos, love looking at them. I’ve always liked Cory Richard’s photos, I know absolutely nothing about the guy but his photos are stunning. highly recommend checking him out. I’d never even looked twice at a vacheron until the overseas Everest. but now, I want one. shame I will never own one 

commented on Cartier Tank Appreciation Post ·

Yeah I’ve been lusting after a tank for a while now. the issue is I’m also lusting after a grand seiko. just need to decide what to save up for

commented on Seiko Willard, purchase turning into a nightmare. ·

Royal Mail will post something through the door and email you about import tax when they are delivering. Not sure what happens if another shipping company is handling delivery  Good luck though mate 

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New pelagos

Saw them online, as usual even better in person. I love the original FXD but never pulled the trigger. I think I’m going to have to. Shame it doesn’t...