Dérive horlogère💰

Hello watch freaks. I just stopped by my neighborhood watchmaker (small craftsman), where I dropped off a Seiko KS 5626-7150 and a Seiko Sbda005 (first-generation titanium orange Samurai) for an overhaul. He is going to retire prematurely at the end of the year because he has vision problems and risks losing it if he continues to look at our favorite timepieces and other clocks of all kinds. No buyer on the horizon. Another know-how that will disappear (next to Cherbourg, Normandy-this corner will speak to history buffs of WW2...😉). In short, we were discussing everything and nothing, and the conversation came to the Tissot brand. One of his clients came for a problem with a dial and a winding crown. Balance sheet, €150 only for parts after calling Tissot after-sales service. 🤑😝 Not counting the weeks or even months for delivery. Personally, my collection includes a good number of Swiss watches, but much more from Seiko, although less precise, but at a more reasonable maintenance cost, shall we say. Good weekend to all.😉