Help! 15mm open ended watch strap

I have a 1940's Bulova gents watch with fixed bars. Spent quite a while searching for open ended strap for it, without any luck. 馃槩

Suggestions anyone? Just to make it more challenging..... I'd like a green strap. But, beggars can't be choosers...

Be wary of thickness. I had to deal with some 20's women's watch that was clearly designed for like a silk ribbon and no leather or nylon web was going to pass through those lugs. I'd assume this is a different story, but if you have an unloved NATO strap laying around, cut it narrower to check.

Should leather fit, you can get the glue-it-on-yourself leather jobs like so.

They exist you just have to keep looking and eventually one will fall in the right price range. Check eBay too.

Thanks for the suggestions, I compromised on a black one in the end.

Buying from the USA, by the time postage and UK import tax is applied. 馃檮

After close examination using the Starret VMM at work. I realised that it is not a fixed lug bar, as what I initially thought were fixed lugs, rotated when, err, rotating the bar. Quite easy to see on the VMM, the magnification meant that the bar was about 20mm diameter. 馃榿 Cut it off and fitted a normal spring bar, more pointedly, this green strap.