Is this a real watch in your opinion

What is a real watch or time piece is there room for smart watches and hybrids

Yes, and no.

It tells time & is worn on the wrist; ergo, a watch.

It also tracks steps, HR, annoys you with notifications, nags you to be more active, etc. It's a computer that happens to tell time.

Smartwatch is a misnomer and I understand why it was originally chosen. But the functionality of the devices has moved well past what they first were. IMO, it's kind of an insult to continue to call them smartwatches; in both directions.

If it straps to your wrist and it's used predominantly for timekeeping purposes then it's a real watch, even if it serves other purposes.

G-Shocks are considered watches yet many have non-timekeeping features.

Real watch.

Not a watch

Objectively, I guess you can call it a watch.

I have a garmin but personally I never thought of it as a part of my Watch collection. I don鈥檛 feel any connection or attachment to Garmin no matter how many miles I hike, no matter how many summits I get to with it. For me it is just a device like an iPhone. Probably because I buy them for functions knowing I will replace it in 3-5 years for better functionalities.

I feel more emotionally attached to my tent and ice axe馃槅

If you are emotionally attached to it, you can call it a watch and proudly keep it in your watch collection, I guess.

Smart watch is a watch of course, it tells time no? Plus many more. If smart watch isn鈥檛 a watch then g G shock or any quartz movements are not Watch too.

Not a watch.

It's a device with many functions one of which is timekeeping ( see microwave or your car)

And it is designed with built in obsolescence

Not a watch

It is what you think it is. Nothing more or less. This same debate occurred when wristwatches first debuted in the age of pocket watches.