Which one would you choose?

I know nothing about these, but IMHO

Tortoise has better case shape, crown position. The date position is bad and the hands are goofy.

The Samurai has the crown rubbing the skin in the photo! The date and magnifier are clearly superior. That is all.

I'd get that Samurai and put it on a black Hexad bracelet from Strapcode. That combo would be 馃敟馃敟馃敟

They are both great, and I have both shapes in my collection. 聽I voted for the tortoise because it just so happens to fit my wrist better.聽

I like both and would be happy with either.聽

I like the tortoise case shape better. More comfortable on the wrist. Also, the black is awesome. 聽聽

I've never cared for the shape of the tortoise, I seem to be in the minority in the comments but the Samurai seems more distinctive to me.聽

If it only were a turtle, I'd own one. I am neither a fan of the Samurai nor the Tortoise. I selected the Samurai over the Tortoise, though.

I bought the Samurai and it's on the way.聽