Cooler: Sinn 903 or Breitling Navitimer

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Both pretty damn cool.

OMG there is another watch with a slide rule. Although the Navitimer is a historical icon, I am giving the nod to Sinn for getting all of those scales on the dial without it getting over cluttered like the Breitling.

Price wise the Sinn is much better. Both are pretty amazing but the Breitling wins the popular contest.

Agreed鈥 OG nod goes to Breitling, although like IWC, Panerai鈥 - their pricing needs to return to Earth. Design/value:quality ratio def goes to Sinn. My choice: Sinn all the way 鉂わ笍

Sinn actually bought the rights from Breitling to use their design. And in my eyes they improved it! So if you prefer the Sinn, go for it!

Love them both for different reasons History for Brietling and innovation for the Sinn so Sinn just pinches it for me.

If you want a modern tool navitimer you should go for a sinn. One point 100m wr vs 30m. If you want a modern luxury one you have to go breitling. Sinn have bought right from breitling during their bankruptcy. Its a bit like why you choose a modern tudor over rolex.

Flyin-B FTW!

Interesting to note a German company (Sinn) helped keep a Swiss company (Breitling) from near bankruptcy due largely in part to a Japanese company (Seiko) and the Quartz Crisis. The Sinn 903 is an interesting piece if only for that story.

The Sinn 903 is certainly high on my "next to get" list, not just for the fact that there is the horological significance of taking over the rights to the Navitimer, but from a design and engineering standpoint.

Sinn actually taking that next step forward in terms of case design to make it 100m Water Resistant scores high in my books for simply doing the right thing without charging the earth.

For the price they are asking, Breitling ought to make their Navitimers at least 100m WR. As a Breitling fan, this is the one sticking point that prevents me from buying a "B"-branded Navitimer.