Cleaning your watch? any recommendations

Hey everyone,

how do you clean your watch from $100 -$100,000?

Soap and Water?


From my experience, and based on 50 years of collecting, I have found the best way to clean my watches is with my shirt.


Toothbrush and a little soap n water for the tough grime. 

Otherwise it’s a microfiber from the dozen or so locations I leave around everywhere for just such an occasion.


Alcohol wipes on bracelet, clasp and case but NEVER on the crystal or bezel. Don't want to mess up the AR outer coating if present. 
But I am a RN and have a gazillion alcohol wipes around me all day. 

Rinse under fresh, running water after being in or around salt water. 


Wipe them with a cloth every time you take it off, every 6 months remove the bracelet (if stainless steel) clean between the lugs

soak the bracelet for a few hours in lukewarm water with a bit of cleaning fluid, then a bit of a toothbrush clean and bingo, good as new.


Anyone use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners on their watch bracelets??