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The “perfect” $18 mechanical ⚙️ Watch! 👀 🤑

This is a $18 mechanical watch and its perfect!! 1. The bracelet, super cheap. Can’t complain though, for the total cost. (Threw it away 😅) 2. The mo...

NH34 Movement Partial Disassembly Shots!!

I have to thank @Mr.Santana for making me be brave to disassemble this nh34 … as I wanted to help him also kinda helped myself since the stem crown br...

New to me a vintage automatic enicar.

Yesterday my watchmaker told me that he could not service a pocket watch for me within a reasonable price range. What happened was that a previous per...

Servicing Wound watches is crazy

I Was excited to purchase the legendary Sea Gull 1963. Beautiful watch amazing to look at the movement, winding it up and the way it looks you just fa...

Affordable (?) High Horology

Hi all! Happy Thanksgiving (US holiday). Today I’m wearing my Girard Perregaux Richeville chronograph which came back from service a few days ago. I t...

Quartz Watches… Will They Last?

After reviewing the dominant portion of my collection yesterday, I noticed that 6 of my core 11 watches (the Omega is in another box) are Quartz. I di...

Old Omega Century - Weird jeweller advice?

Last day i talked to my mother about and old and tiny watch i had to make a strap for, a tiny 25mm watch i think from the sixties, with awesome patina...

Vintage watch servicing UK?

Hi all, I have been debating wether my first big purchase should be a vintage omega sea master. I’m hesitant due to lack of knowledge of watch makers...

877,000,000 ish

What's that you're, asking yourself? It is the annual beat of a 36,000 beat rate movement😱 Quite unbelievable that a mechanical watch can survive tha...

Watch service..

I see many posts asking how much, how long, in house, not in house..When it comes to service. In fifty years I have had to service only two watches. O...