It's getting colder

The days are getting shorter and colder. The sun is up but I'm beginning to miss the summer when I could lounge and soak up the warmth at 06:00 AM instead of fumbling in the dark.

That is causing some problems when I try to take close up photos because the light is not very favorable and my fingers are numb, which makes it difficult to hold the camera steady.

Of course, a tripod, why didn't I think of it? Of course I did and I even own one, but taking it outside, setting it on the table and making sure that everything is nicely leveled and at the correct angle makes it too much like real work, and I'm here to drink a coffee while it's still warm, read a bit, and take a couple of photos to pass the time. Work is something terrible that we have to pay other people to do for us.

Still, I wish there was a trick to make my hands steadier and nimbler when it's cold outside. 


I think you're too hard on yourself, man. I like the shots. And the watch!


Here in Australia Summer has just began...daylight till 9pm...everything is warming up slowly this year...more time for hunting for the next watch to add to the collection...My Seiko SSC139-9 Excelsior arrived today so I had better go out in the sunshine to get it started on charging up...