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litoben ·

What do you choose first, shirt/outfit or watch?

Last week, I was getting ready for my sister's birthday lunch. I said to myself I was gonna wear my automatic diver watch, so it gets some winding. Then, I saw a shirt I hadn't worn in a while. And th...
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litoben ·

Casio F-91 Army Green Review

If you're into retro digital watches, you've likely seen the tons of reviews in YouTube and everywhere. So, I won't talk about the specs too much. I g...
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litoben ·

Generation Next

I wasn't "into" watches in 1994 when I bought this and a blue dial version, when I was working in Hong Kong then. The blue went to my girlfriend who l...
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litoben commented on Wife and watches ·

I just got a really cheap, but fun, watch (I'll post soon), and my wife says "why did you buy another watch?"

She has a one-watch collection of a Tag quartz diver.

litoben commented on What do you choose first, shirt/outfit or watch? ·

Love the poll results! Thanks crunchers!

litoben commented on Watch Collecting Profiles? ·

I just started and still in the affordable level. My tendency is checking boxes of my "must-haves." Diver, chrono, Seiko, Swiss movement, digital, etc. Now I feel I "need" a display caseback, and a tank.

litoben commented on Casio F-91 Army Green Review ·

Looks like it's more for her, then 😀. Enjoy seeing it on her. I let my skinny 14-year old son wear it yesterday, and it looked cool, half-imagining looking at my teenage self.

litoben commented on Casio F-91 Army Green Review ·

It's certainly not for many moods/outfits. But I find that keeping it and fitting it into those few moments are worth more than the price 👍.

litoben commented on Casio F-91 Army Green Review ·
litoben commented on What’s your dominant hand and on which wrist do you wear your watch? ·

I'm a right/right because my wrists are small and my right is slightly larger than my left. Also, I like to have both hands with something on it, with my wedding ring on my left. And, yes, I tend to ding my watches, hehe.

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litoben ·

Before and After

One of the reasons I got interested in watches recently was that I realized there were few watches in my drawers I had forgotten about for many years....
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