Chasing time with the MT369

Browsing "Chasing Time" to satisfy my lust for vintagy things, I'm sadly reminded again that I'm not a discerning collector.


I could probably forgive the overly pretentious title and skip over the fact that this book is solely focused on mechanical chronographs, excluding every other means of chasing the aforementioned time, if it was not for the glaring omission of the Mathey-Tissot and Breguet Type XX/XXI chronos.


Sure, it's nice to look at an old Nivada or Breitling, and yes - I guess that Omega does deserve some pages of their own, but forgetting to even mention Breguet, or the contribution of other brands just because they happen to be from the far East or because they weren't chronographic or mechanical enough ?


Anyway, I decided that out of spit I'll wear the Mathey-Tissot MT369, which is absolutely not a chrono, just because I want to flaunt my lack of discernment.


This one rolls a crit as far as I'm concerned.