Havent Posted In A Bit

Its been a bit since I have posted. I keep considering selling this watch but everytime I photograph it I remember why I fell in love. So much charm.


I have a really fickle take on possessions:  The moment they don't absolutely fill me with crazy wonder, I'm ready to get rid of them.  I mean, inanimate objects are just...  things.  It's easy to get rid of something, get something new, experience seller's remorse, rebuy that thing, remember why you got rid of it once you have it again, and then get rid of it again.

AND the world is filled with other awesome watches.  

AND they're not like spouses.  I mean, sure, every once in a while, one might consider breaking things off with one's existing spouse.  But, that's awfully messy.  

Ain't messy at all with watches.  So, why not? 


I go back-and-forth with my Tudor GMT as well. But then there are those days driving to work and the light reflects just right off the polished hand and indices and halo effect from the domed sapphire. Makes my heart smile. Like you and your pics, I then remember why this piece should never leave my collection anytime soon. Good luck with this fickle hobby we unwilling choose.