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Jul 24, 2022
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Hope Everyone Had A Great Weekend!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Another weekend down for the GMT. The more I wear this watch, the less I notice the thickness. I know once I put bac...
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Tudor Has Me Hooked

Its gotta be the vintage styling but man Tudor has me hooked. The Black Bay 58 was my first luxury watch and I wore it everyday up until I bought the...
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Whats Your Field Watch?

I love this Hamilton Khaki Pilot Mechanical. The heavily domed crystal and the textured dial look great with the polished hands! What are you guys roc...
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CartersWatchAddiction commented on Up Close With the Baltic MR-01

Nice! Looks like its performing well!

CartersWatchAddiction commented on Up Close With the Baltic MR-01

Nice photos! What lens if you dont mind me asking? This watch was the perfect test subject!

CartersWatchAddiction commented on New Watch Alert

What a beautiful watch! Congrats!

CartersWatchAddiction commented on Hope Everyone Had A Great Weekend!

Hows the Seamaster?? My next watch is definitely going to be an Omega. Likely a Speedy Pro.

CartersWatchAddiction commented on Hope Everyone Had A Great Weekend!

On the GMT, they chamfered the underside of the slab sides to make it appear thinner and help wear thinner as well.聽

CartersWatchAddiction commented on Tudor Has Me Hooked

Ive not heard of Ollech & Wajs, going to check them out now!

CartersWatchAddiction commented on Writing Off A Watch Too Quickly?

I like the ranger but the I am not a fan of the dial text color.聽

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New Camera Time

Just got back from a roadtrip to trade my Fujifilm XT3 for a Sony A7Rii. Liking what I am seeing so far!
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Testing Some Light Play

Messing around with some light play. The polished hands and lightly textured matte dial produce some great contrast!
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What are we wearing this weekend??

Dont mind me, im just gonna spam photos of this guy :D What watches are we wearing this weekend??
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Forstner Jubilee

Finally pulled the trigger on the Forstner Jubilee for my GMT. It feels right at home!
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Lume Shot!

Had to snag a good lume shot of the ISL-131. It hilarious going from my BB GMT to this watch. Shedding almost 4mm in thickness is no joke. Had a few f...
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Aftermarket Jubilee?

Who else is running an aftermarket bracelet on their Tudor GMT? Would love to see pics of your gmt on an aftermarket bracelet!
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Happy 4th of July

Had to crank out a cliche pepsi shot for the 4th! Hope everyone has a great holiday/long weekend :)
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